The Worlds Fastest Portable Storage Solution

The 60,000 BBL MEGA AST TANK can transform down to a 30,000 BBL AST tank and any size in between. Making this the largest most versatile tank in the industry. Our patented lifting and clip system have proven to be the safest and most secure design possible.


AST Tank Package

  • Insulated tank panels
  • Liner Clip System
  • Standard 30+ Mil Liner with options up to 40 Mil and optional double liner
  • 10 oz. Geotextile used under the liner for padding
  • Custom Piping Packages to meet any configuration any company may need
  • Our optional under mount manifold is becoming very popular to help eliminate on site transfer costs
  • Access Ladders
  • Viewing Platform or Double Sided Staircase available
  • Optional Bird Netting
  • Optional Floating Covers (Have been super successful and highly recommended from our current users)
  • Optional water truck load out manifold placed anywhere on or by location
  • Optional Tank Heating
  • Optional Realtime Actual Volume System Tracking (RAVS,RAVS2)

Tank Benefits

  • Fully Engineered and Stamped Plans for Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, New Mexico, Texas, and Alberta Canada
  • Our Patented Designs allow for the fastest and safest erection possible
  • Only our experience crews are able to setup and teardown our tanks due to liability issues
  • Less overhead than conventional tanks means daily cost savings
  • Highly reduce truck traffic by as much as 98%
  • Speedy Setup in as little as 4 hours
  • Reduced tank footprint by as much as 50%
  • Foam Insulated Sidewalls, Insulated Floating Cover, and Geo floor liner for colder climates results in superior heat retention
  • With proper site prep usable barrels can be maximized up to 99%
  • Designed to be setup with only one tele handler and a man lift
  • Commonly used to replace frac pits, frac lakes, frac ponds, standard style tank farms with 500 BBL and 400 BBL tanks
  • Saves thousands in manifolding costs and greatly reduces trip hazards from all the hoses used on the manifolds

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