1. The Unexpected Environmental Benefits of Fracking

    Much has been written about fracking, but did you know there are environmental benefits that are often left undiscussed? We’re going to take a look at three of those benefits today. If you are looking for above ground water tanks for fracking or storage, or water treatment services, call Well Water Solutions today! Our experienced staff will be able to help you find the perfect solution for your…Read More

  2. Fracking, The Economy, And Jobs, Part Two: Current Outlook

    In part one of this two part series on fracking, the economy, and jobs, we rewound the clock about ten years to talk about the context out of which hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling aroze. We contrasted generally unsuccessful stimulus packages with the organic economic contributor that the shale oil industry proved to be. For a brief recap, between 2012 and 2014 alone, said shale oil in…Read More

  3. Fracking, The Economy, And Jobs, Part One

    Here at Well Water Solutions and Rentals, Inc. (WWS Tanks) we provide affordable and high quality above ground frac tanks for customers who need it. Based in Casper, Wyoming, we’ve carried our core principles that we started with all the way through to the present. One of those principles is to build long-lasting relationships with other companies by going about our business the right way. We do…Read More

  4. Hurricane Harvey’s Impact: A Finger On The Pulse Of The Fracking Industry

    Fracking has taken off in the last decade. As we described in some detail in our previous post, horizontal drilling and a blend of other innovations is giving way to what some are describing as fracking 2.0. Instead of bluntly attacking oil reserves found within shale and other sediment with what would presently be seen as antiquated methods, new approaches are becoming the norm. Fracking companie…Read More

  5. Looking Ahead: The Fracking Revolution

    In previous posts, we’ve tackled a wide range of topics which relate to fracking. We’ve varied our subject matter from frequently asked questions to more detailed topics related to both the advantages and controversies of fracking. But in many posts, we’ve tried to do our due diligence in defining our terms, in terms of what fracking is. Today’s post is not going to depart from that trend.…Read More

  6. Advantages Of Natural Gas Over Coal

    Here at Well Water Solutions, we are big energy buffs. We are fascinated with human ingenuity, and how we have been able to use the environment around us to create sprawling cities, power our homes, and provide comfort in all kinds of ways. Our energy needs are always changing, and we are constantly making advances into new technologies. Just think, it was only a few centuries ago that the biggest…Read More

  7. Fracking FAQ

    Here at Well Water Solutions, we know it is common to be skeptical about technologies that you don't know about. When it comes to fracking, many people are understandably worried about its safety and effect on the environment. We would like to help inform you about this new process of harvesting natural gas. To that end, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the fracking pr…Read More

  8. Fracking Boosts More Than Just Drilling Operations

    Jobs and economic growth. These have been exceptionally important topics over the last decade, and will continue to be driving forces behind government decisions and policy for a long time to come. The energy sector makes up a large portion of any country’s economy and the United States is no exception. With natural gas taking the lead powering the country’s electric grid, it’s no surprise t…Read More

  9. Top 3 Main Fracking Controversies Addressed

    The hydraulic fracturing industry is regularly fraught with difficulty and controversy, even when the United States relies on natural gas as the number one producer of electricity in the nation. Natural gas helps support growing economies and nations all over the world as the number one alternative to coal. The energy industry has always had a tumultuous past with environmental groups, and sometim…Read More

  10. Fracking Tackling Green Issues in the Industry

    We know you’re probably not used to hearing the words, hydraulic fracturing and green energy, in the same sentence, let alone the idea that fracking can help promote a cleaner energy future right here in America. We all know that natural gas has fewer carbon emissions than the oil and coal that have traditionally been used in order to power the ever growing energy needs in the United States. The…Read More